The Stoddard Rock Hoppers are a non profit registered snowmobile club with the NHSA and the  Bureau of Trails in the state of New Hampshire.  We are 180+ members strong

About us

Our Trails:

Our trails wind through the woods of Stoddard and into the town of Washington.  We have over 60 miles of trails to ride and connect with other systems.  Stoddard and the surrounding towns are known for being in a snow belt due to elevation and weather patterns.  This leads to great trails  and an extended season for the southwest corner of New Hampshire.    


Stoddard Rock Hoppers


Welcome to the 2017-2018 season!  We currently have 10-12" of snow on the ground and have just gone through a nice cold snap!  Things will warm up this week but not too much.  We need continued cold and some more snow to do anything with it.  Please wait until the conditions are better.  

‚ÄčI have been asked about the lake and its condition.  Right now it will be cold and wet when you fall in.  I would give it some more time to put some more ice between you and the water.