Stoddard Rock Hoppers

Membership is now available online for our members!  Click on the blue link and it will send you to the NHSA membership website.  Follow the instructions on the website.  The dues are $35.00 .  The NHSA also charges a $2.00 processing fee. 

1.  If you have entered an email in past memberships, it will automatically direct you to order a membership with us being the club.

2.  If you are new, it will ask you which club to join.  Click on Cheshire County and scroll until you see our club.  Click on our club.   

3.  You will have to create an email account which is easy breezy!  just look below on the NHSA website and follow the instructions as well. 

4.  Remember to ​print your voucher and save it to documents on your computer, phone, or tablet.  ​  This is a PDF format so it is easy to save incase you lose your voucher.   ​You will need this voucher in order to save on sled registrations.  This must be shown to your registration agent.