Stoddard Rock Hoppers


Trail report: 

I will put this as best I can.  We are experiencing some challenges on both sides of our trail system.  

West Side:  As of January 1st, there will be active logging on the Copeland road trail.  The landowner has requested that that trail be closed until the logging is complete, which is the end of January depending on weather.  Kings Highway will also be plowed to this trail.  ​Yield to logging trucks.   Use Kings Highway to Jefts road to go to Marlow-west.  

​Log Cabin Road-Merriwood entrance to Highland Lake.  We have not gone to inspect this, however from the board of Selectmen, the residents have restricted access via ditches, berms, and well casing at the gate to prohibit travel.  

​This is due to a private dispute.  The officers of Merriwood have pledged to the club that these obstacles are resolved and support snowmobiling.  Time will tell what happens here.  

​East side to Hillsborough:  The gate is still up at this time.  the society will be contacted this week to see when it can be opened.