Stoddard Rock Hoppers


Trail report: 

Finally, in almost two years, our large groomer went out last night for a test run.  The past two snow events this week have given the gift of life to our trail system. 

​The groomer went out on the western side.  I will update with a report after I talk to Glenn.  Most likely, it was a late night for him and his son Jake.   At the last checkup, there is active logging going on with the last 1/2 mile of Kings highway that goes into Hidden Lake development.  Please ride slow and give the logging trucks room.  The road will be plowed so be prepared for rough conditions on that Stretch. 

Copeland Road should be open, depending on logging.  I will find out how much logging is going on tonight. 

​Jefts Road AKA Marlow route 392 has some hazards due to a logger that ripped up a section of the road leaving a mess.  We went up there to attempt to fill it back in January.  I will report on that as well. 

​The east side to Black pond is another issue.  ​The landowner, Society for The Protection of NH Forests has kept the gate closed.  I contacted them last week and got a response yesterday.  I cannot promise the gate will be open this weekend.  The decision is theirs and there is nothing we can do to open it.  It is up to them and their timeline.  I will update later this weekend. 

​Like everyone else, we are chomping at the bit to ride and get the trails open to do so.  Mother Nature has not been kind to us over the past two seasons.  We are looking at a 4 week window to ride if temps stay cold and we get regular snowfall.  I cannot control landowners, I cannot control their decisions.  Neither can the state or the trails department.  We need to respect those who ALLOW us to ride.​  I will add to the blog report about landowners and their role in our trail system. 

​Please be careful, go slow, and keep in mind of the hazards, gates, and logging that is going on.